Professor Jin Jianbin Invited to Be Editorial Board Member of Taiwan Academic Publication “The Journal of Information Society”

    Professor Jin Jianbin, deputy director of the academic committee of Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication, will serve as the new editorial board member of Taiwan academic publication “The Journal of Information Society”, with the invitation from Professor Wei Ran, the new editor-in-chief of the journal.

    The journal under Taiwan Academy for Information Society has published 32 issues since 2001 when it was founded. As a peer-reviewed international journal, it pools theoretical and empirical researches that address the development, applications and impacts of information and communication technologies on individuals, groups, society, as well as cyber law, Internet privacy, and digital divide, etc.

    To further improve its internationalization, the journal’s editorial board invited Professor Wei Ran, a well-known Chinese communication scholar and former president of Chinese Communication Association, to be the new editor-in-chief in August 2017, who will be responsible for setting up a world-class editorial board.

    Before accepting the invitation, Professor Jin Jianbin has been the editorial board member of several international academic journals, which are of great significance in the field of journalism and communication. These journals include Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly (JMCQ), Asian Journal of Communication (AJC), Observatorio (OBS*), Asian Journal for Public Opinion Research, Global Media & China, Asia Review, etc., among which JMCQ and AJC are source journals of Social Science Citation Index (SSCI).

    It is reported that the journal “The Journal of Information Society” housed in the Department of Communication and Technology at National Chiao Tung University has been included by a variety of Chinese academic citation database. It publishes two issues per year in January and July. The journal’s official website is: (By Yang Hongyan)